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I Love Him Quotes


Love is running into his arms
Colliding with his heart
And exploding into his soul

Within you, I lose myself,
without you, I find myself,
wishing to be lost again.

I'm not asking for diamonds,
I'm not asking for the world,
I'm just asking for you to hold me...
And call me your babygirl...

In her love I am the hero,
the king,the poet;
and alive without her love,
I am nothing at all, not even truly alive.

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Because life isn't
Quite worth living
If I can't share it with someone like you

Love me now,
love me never,
but if you love me,
love me forever.

I Love Him Quotes
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He makes me do crazy things,
I never thought I'd do.

When I'm weak,
I draw strength from you,
and when you're lost,
I know how to change your mood.
And when I'm down,
you breathe life over me.
And even though we are miles apart,
we are each other's destiny.

He's everything to me.
He's perfect for me.
But the best part of all...
is that he loves me!

I want to be
the only one to get the chance
to see how amazing
you really are

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If you think missing me is hard,
you should try missing you.

What you do to me
you melt my heart with your eyes,
you warm my soul with your voice,
you break my insecurities with your touch,
you make my head spin with your kiss,
you make my dreams come true with your love...

There are many fish in the sea,
but you're the only one for me.

I will walk beside you,
I will push you forward from behind
and I will run ahead
and encourage you forward
- all because I love you.

Words are just not enough
to tell you how much you mean to me
and how much I need you by my side, all my life.
You have touched my life in ways
others can't even think of.


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