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I Love You Quotes For Her


For yesterday's memories, today's love,
and tomorrow's dreams I love you.

All the love beats of my heart
and all the heart beats of my love,
beats for you and says ' I love you'.

As for me, to love you alone,
to make you happy,
to do nothing which
would contradict your wishes,
this is my destiny
and the meaning of my life

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Although we are not able
to be with one another right now,
don't give up, for the words 'I love you'
has true meaning and holds all my feelings.
Just have faith and hold on,
for love conquers all things.

A hug for you means I need you.
A kiss for you means I love you.
A call for you means I'm missing you.

For better or worse,
Till death do us part...

I'll love you with every
Single beat in my heart

I Love You Quotes For Her
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Gotta let you know that I love you,
gotta let you know that I care,
gotta let you know that for you,
I'll always be there.

If a thousand people love you,
I am in that thousand.
If a hundred people love you,
I am in that hundred.
If ten people love you
I am in that ten.
If only one person loves you, thats me.

I Love you with the breath,
the smiles and the tears of all my life.

I don't fear insects or spiders.
At great heights, I jump off, smiling.
In the face of death I wink.
But, when I look into your eyes,
I'm in fear of how much I love you.

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The more I know you,
the more I love you.

831 means
'I Love You'
8 letters
3 words
1 meaning.

No poem can be sweeter no sentiment
more true no words could have
more meaning than a simple "I love you"

The first time I saw you I knew it was true.
That I'd love you forever and that's what I'll do.

The words I love you are not for anyone
to say from their mouth to their beloved one.
It's a feeling that you can whisper to each other
from heart-to-heart without saying it aloud.

I wish I had a thousand eyes
to delight from your beauty...
A thousand arms to hug and squeeze you...
A thousand ears to hear you sigh...
A thousand lips to kiss you...
A thousand moments
like the one we first touched...
But mostly, a thousand lives to love you forever...


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