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Love Sayings And Quotes


It's great to fall in love.
You stop being stupid for no reason
and start being stupid for a reason.

Everyone has someone in their life
that keeps them looking forward to another day

To love a person is
to learn the song
that us in their heart,
and to sing it to them
when they have forgotten.

The more you love,
the more you lose a part of you.
Yet you dont become less of you are,
instead you end up being complete...

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Love is the seventh sense,
which destroys all the other six senses.

Man loves little and often:
Woman much and rarely.

Love is like a garden,
though beautiful,
you still need to weed it
to make it beautiful

Love Sayings And Quotes
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A life with love
will have some thorns,
but a life without love
will have no roses.

Every relationship is messed up.
What makes it perfect is
if you still want to be there
when thing gets hard

Sometimes what you're looking for,
comes when you're not looking at all.

If you want to know where your heart is...
look where your mind goes when it wanders.

No relationship is all sunshine,
but two people can share one umbrella
if they huddle close.

Girls will never know what they want
and boys will never know what they have.

Sometimes the two people
most meant for each other,
are the last two to realize it.

You will never know true happiness,
until you have truly loved,
and you will never understand,
what pain really is,
until you have lost it.

In dreams and in love
there are no impossibilities.

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Find a heart that
loves you at your worst,
and arms that will
hold you at your weakest..

Love is like a fire.
Whether it is going to warm your heart
or burn your house down, you'll never know

Never question if you are in love or not,
because if you were you wouldn't need to ask.

Love isn't all about
flirting, hugs, kisses and sex.
Love is about taking all those things away
and still having feelings for that person.

Love is the shortest distance between hearts.

To love is nothing.
To be loved is something.
To love and be loved is everything.

Once in awhile,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.


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