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Sad Love Quotes


I always knew looking back on the tears
would make me laugh,
but I never knew looking back on the laughs
would make me cry.

Falling in love is like jumping off a cliff ,
it doesn't hurt till the end.

You know that
when I hate you,
it is because I love you
to a point of passion
that unhinges my soul.

The worst feeling in the world
is giving all the love you have
and knowing it will never be returned.

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I cry because I know
he doesn't feel the way I do.
I cry because I think
of how pathetic I am,
and I cry because I think
I'll be crying forever.

I have found the paradox
that if I love until it hurts,
then there is no hurt,
but only more love.

Sadness flies away on the wings of time.

Sad Love Quotes
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Smiling doesn't always
mean you're happy...
sometimes it simply means
that you are
a STRONG person.

I don't make mistakes..
I just date them.

Harsh words hurt feelings.
But silence breaks hearts.

Tired of trying,
Sick of crying,
Yeah I'm smiling,
but inside I'm dying.

A heart breaking isn't always
as loud as a bomb exploding...
Sometimes it can be as quiet
as a feather falling...
And the most painful thing is,
no one really hears it, except you...

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Go ahead and break my heart.
It's useless without you anyways.

I don't hate you,
I never will.
I just act like I do,
because it's easier than
admitting that I miss you.

You walk by me everyday and say hello.
Everyday you take time out to listen to me.
You talk to me, smile at me,
laugh with me, and have fun with me.
Well, I talk, smile and laugh too,
but inside I'm hurting.
Deep down it hurts to be with you because
I love you and you are only a friend.

Be careful who you open up to.
Only a few actually care,
the rest are just curious.

Watching you walk out of my life
hasn't made me bitter or cynical about love,
but rather, it has shown me that if I wanted so badly
to be with the wrong person,
how beautiful it will be
when the right one comes along.


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