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Sad Love Quotes For Him


There should be a relationship
status on Facebook called,
"I don't know what the hell is going on."

How do you find
the words to say goodbye,
when your heart don't have
the heart to say goodbye?

S(he's) br(ok)en.

I don't hate you.
I'm just disappointed
you turned into everything
you said you'd never be.

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Since the first day I saw you
I know that I love you
I tried to be close to you
But you never let me to
And why when it comes to you?
I was never busy
But when it comes to me
You always don't have time?

They say 'follow your heart'
but if your heart's in a million pieces,
which piece do you follow?

Sad Love Quotes For Him
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It hurts so much to love you the way I do,
Then I look at you and realize
how much you don't even care!

It's only when you have lost EVERYTHING,
that you realize you had EVERYTHING.

I've learned that:
Goodbyes will always hurt,
pictures will never replace being there,
thanks is a feeble word,
memories forget the hard times,
words can never replace feelings,
and heros often go unsung.

I remember how
we used to talk to each other all day,
and now we can't even
look at each other in the eye.

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Never ignore a person
who loves and cares for you,
because one day
you may realize that you've
lost the moon while counting the stars.

It hurts when something good ends,
but it hurts even more if you cling to it,
knowing that its not there.

Dear Tummy,
sorry for all the butterflies.
Dear Pillow,
sorry for the tears.
Dear Heart,
sorry for the damage.
Dear Brain,
you were right.

Dear Ex, I don't hate you...
I'm just disappointed you
turned into everything
you said you'd never be.


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