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Short Love Quotes


It is never too late
to fall in love.

Everyone's gonna be a fool in love,
but please be a fool for the right person!

Don't fall in love
with somebody
who dosn't love you back

Our eyes are placed in front
because it is more important
to look ahead than to look back.

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Love is...
What makes a weak man brave
And a king step off his throne
Good times, bad times
Easy times, tough times
It comes in an instant
And lasts three days after forever
That's what love is.

The more you hide your feelings for someone,
the more you fall for them.

Short Love Quotes
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Love is an act
of endless forgiveness
A tender look
which becomes a habit.

Love is like water;
We can fall in it.
We can drown in it.
And we can't live without it.

Before you judge, act.
Before you speak, listen.
Before you hate, love.
Before you write, think.
Before you quit, try.

Everyone comes into
your life for a reason;
some good, some bad.
They shape, form, and break us.
But in the end, they make us who we are.

Love is like war:
Easy to begin,
hard to end and never to forget.

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To fall in love
is to create a religion
that has a fallible god.

Never go back to an old love,
it's like reading a book over and over again
when you already know how it ends.

A relationship without trust
is like a phone without service.

Love is knowing that
no matter what is done
at the end of day,
you won't change your mind,
it's only wanting
what's best for that special person.

It hurts the worst when the person
that made you feel so special yesterday,
makes you feel so unwanted today.


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